Thursday, 18 February 2010

MARCH Madness Multi-Tasking! Have a little PATIENCE!

TAKE THAT in 2009 had a hit song entitled this. Even George Michael had an album with the same name! This is another name for the card game Solitaire! What am I talking about? I am talking about PATIENCE!

Being christened at age 7 in a Spiritualist Church as Michelle Anne Patience Whaite, a few years ago I began to take an interest in my middle name of Patience, to get a better understanding of what the true meaning of Patience was in relation to the goal setting process. Plus, having a surname like ‘Whaite’ I came to realise, over the years, that being PATIENT when going through the goal achieving process IS the way forward! Impatience is a renowned KILLER of hopes and dreams. Where people QUIT on their dreams because they don’t give them sufficient time to come to fruition. They don’t see immediate results so they perceive that nothing is working!

Today, I continue to perfect the art of being patient on a daily basis. Being patient was something I was NEVER good at even though it was middle name!!! It wasn’t until I discovered the importance of patiently waiting (without procrastinating and knowing the subtle difference between the two which many fail to recognise!) that my goals and dreams began to materialise in my world!

So many people are impatient as we live in the ‘I want it done yesterday’ society. You know, in a fast food restaurant, if you are not served within 90 seconds of giving your order, you may receive a profuse apology for your wait and inconvenience caused! If you are not connected to a customer service operator within 1 minute of waiting, many will either hang up or hit zero to ask to be put through to the Complaints Department! If something is not received immediately after being sent via a handheld communication device, we can pick up the phone, call a centre based in India to ask what the problem maybe as to why our friend in Tokyo has not received our email or why our internet service has gone down for 20 minutes and how fast can they reconnect us! This rapid way of life that most are now accustomed to appears (even though technology has sped up the process of receiving data through the internet) to have at the same time, created a virtual monster in terms of other people’s expectations in how fast they can receive a reply! If they do not hear back within 24 hours (which is considered to be a long time in business these days) then some may pick up the phone to enquire what the delay is!

Are people TRULY ‘multi tasking’ on a daily basis? With such new handheld communication devices such as the new Nokia N900 (a device that lets you open more ‘windows’ (screens) at the same time than I can imagine what to do with) many people are feeling more and more frustrated as they are actually being LESS productive flitting through numerous unfinished yet open screens during their day causing suffering and possibly mental exhaustion spinning even more virtual ‘plates’ than a circus juggler who has had years of practice!

I don’t know about you but having, say, 24 ‘windows’ or applications open would only lead me to feel completely overwhelmed and frazzled to have so many ‘unfinished’ tasks on the go rather than having ONE open and getting COMPLETION on that one task before moving on to the next. People may be lulled into a false sense of security in that this is the ‘way forward’ for entrepreneurs and that by having 24 windows open or open ‘tasks’ is what multi tasking is about when it is certainly NOT. In reality our brain can ONLY deal with ONE specific task at a time with any degree of clarity and focus. Granted when we are driving it may appear that we are multi tasking but the truth is that when driving – so many of the rituals that must be learned have become second nature that do not need our conscious attention and we therefore only ever focus on ONE action at a time consciously. True multi tasking comes in the form of such as examples as learning to drive where you learn ONE aspect of driving at a time, let it become a habit BEFORE you move onto learning more complex manoeuvres and with practice over a sustained period of time, we can begin to master the basics first, have them running on autopilot which can then assist us when having a desire to multi task, simply because we are still in fact only CONSCIOUSLY focusing on one job in hand, while the other roles are running automatically by your SUBCONCIOUS MIND effortlessly. If we could do the same for our actioneering on a daily basis and get things running on autopilot, then that may be classed as true effective multi tasking, rather than this back and forth flit between 24 different open ended windows or jobs to do.

People rarely take the time to sit down these days and afford the requisite time and energy to commit their goals to paper, take action and then PATIENTLY wait for them to come to fruition! Most people may excitedly set a goal in January with the masses, take a few steps towards it and then by March 1st as the ‘motivation’ wears off and they do not see the results show up immediately in their lives, they may QUIT and give up on that goal thinking it isn’t working for them. Take dieting for example, if someone is more than 3 stone overweight, the chances are it may have taken a while to gain that weight. However, dieters do not usually give themselves equal ‘time’ to lose or release that same amount of weight. It may have crept on at a lb a month but ask any dieter if they feel like they have accomplished much by losing just lb and most may feel defeated! They expect to eat a few lettuce leaves, change a few small eating habits for a week or two and maybe, if they are really going for it, get to the gym for an hour or two a week and hey presto they desire to lose the 3 stone pretty much overnight! Totally unrealistic. It takes sustained effort, patience and discipline spread out over a longer period of time to really begin to see the fruits of one’s labour. Most people are not willing to wait. They want results NOW or even yesterday! Hence why there is an increase in plastic surgery, gastric bands and all these kinds of operations, people going under the knife because they believe it is easier and FASTER to take that route than to be patient and chip away at the weight themselves with realistic goals, professional advice and a practical timeframe.

Lets face it even exercising for an hour or two per week (although it is better than doing NONE at all of course) isn’t really going to make fast dramatic changes that most people want, especially considering we have 165 hours in a week and so those two little hours may not produce the RAPID results that people want! Although over time, they will probably see dramatic changes but they would need to permit themselves to be VERY VERY PATIENT to re-cultivate the muscle groups and shape the body! Many celebrities work out 4-6 hours per day on average to get in shape plus they have a strict diet regime, a nutritionist, professional advisers and are truly monitored to get on track – a team to help them – most people think they can do this alone when in reality having support can be the difference in success or failure in weight release. This is also why some celebrity mums can get back in shape after just 4 weeks after giving birth! They do not show you the committed hours and dedicated diet planning they do with their team not to mention the discipline and PATIENT effort that they endure to achieve their goal. (I am not advocating any of the celebrity diets, this is purely to make the point that although they may have made it look like it was effortless to achieve that baby-weight loss in 4 weeks, the reality is they worked very very hard to look the way they do in a short period of time). Many comedians also practice and perfect their craft daily to make it look like effortless conversation on their shows! They understand discipline and patience!

Impatience causes many people problems in the world today as we have discussed and can be seen as an ADDICTION or a VICE! (A vice being the polar opposite to a virtue). Patience being a virtue….

Firstly, What IS PATIENCE? The Definition Of Patience (According to is:

“Patience (pā-shəns) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation”
These nouns denote the capacity to endure hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience without complaint. Patience emphasizes calmness, self-control, and the willingness or ability to tolerate delay.

Patience Is A Virtue…’

What is a virtue? A virtue is a character trait valued as being good. It is intentional and habitual excellence and it is something that in order to maintain you need to practice. It is something you learn how to be over time. Patience is like gardening - knowing how to cultivate a seed into a blooming flowerbed! Your subconscious mind IS that fertile garden, feed it, nurture it and allow yourself the gift of time to strengthen your faculty of patience, after all ‘all good things come to those who wait’.

By: Michelle Anne PATIENCE WHAITE! (by name and now nature)!

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